Sunday, October 4, 2009

Historically Inspired Costume Blog

I applaud those amazing historically accurate mantua makers out there in the 21st century. I so long to have the patience to hand sew. lol I just can't bring myself to do it!! I'm terrible! I also love BRIGHT pinks and the price of poly/cotton blends and faux silk taffeta...*sighs* and sadly I'm just too addicted to my trusted machine. As you read my blog please keep in mind I like to be creative. I don't strive to be historically accurate, I prefer to call it Historically Inspired :)


Time Traveling in Costume said...

Keep at it. I was in the same place 6 years ago. I already knew how to basically sew but completely unfamiliar with historical sewing or correct fabrics. I learned most of what I know on the internet. And my biggest coue was finding costume guilds, and fellow costumers who knew more than I did.
Now I'm in the position to share my knowledge with some newbies, and help them learn from my mistakes. Good luck!

Duchess of Hardgrove said...

Thanks Val for the comment. I have a 2 yr degree in Fashion Design but they sure don't teach you the historically accurate techniques!! lol..its like starting all over again but everyone's blogs have been so helpful and inspiring :)

Lauren said...

I agree with Time Traveling Costumer. Keep learning and your mistakes will teach you more than your triumphs. Good Luck!

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