Monday, April 26, 2010

Suffragette Picnic Costume Found

I have been hemming and hawwing about making something for the Dallas Fort Worth Costumer's Guild's Suffragette Picnic.  I started scouting out the neighborhood Goodwill for a month now and just today I scored!  Your looking at a $6 outfit my friends.  I also picked up a two other Edwardian like tops that I will hang on to.  Now the creative energy will be focused on a super fabulous hat!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why I Love My Husband

Why I Love My Husband: because he surprises me with goodies like this!!!!! (present for our new house!)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waistcoat Progress

Progress thus far on J's waistcoat and and shirt.  I used a renaissance pattern for the shirt because more than likely he will wear it for both.  Not being a stickler on a historic shirt right now as long as he has one.  It still needs cuffs and the collar area finished.  I will be finishing the armholes on the waist coat tonight and working on the flaps.  Then....the dreaded button holes eeeekkk!!!  More to come!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

WIG anyone?

I was super excited when I finished this wig last night.  Only to find it was TOO SMALL for my head!!!  Don't ask me why I didn't try it on before I started messing with it... I was too excited to get started.  Any ways I think its great for a mid 18th century do.  I am putting it in my etsy shop if anyone wants.  I'm just asking what I paid for it. $35 plus $10 for shipping.  Its put together with bobby pins and hairspray.  So you can take it down and wash it.  Synthetic hair of course.  The bump is a rolled pieced of padding (fiberfill)   Its a very honey blond color and I don't think I have a super huge head but its small on me...about 1 1/2 inches around too small if that makes sense

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scarborough Fair

So I have lived in Dallas on and off for the last 5 years and I had not yet been to the Scarborough Fair Renaissance Festival.  Well the fair itself is about an hour from Dallas.  Anywho, the Duke and I went today.   We had intended to meet up with the Dallas/Fort Worth Costumer's Guild at noon (for an official gathering) but we were at the said spot a little after 12pm and I didn't see anyone that I recognized.  Granted quite a few of the guild members are also cast members and they said they might be too busy to meet up.

I had borrowed a lovely Italian doublet from a fellow costumer fearing that I would not have time to make anything.   Well low and behold I am a crazy women.  Surprise surprise.   A few days ago I got the insane idea that I could make something new...something that would be basic and I would build upon for next year if I wanted to go back.  Well I did and a little hat to boot!  I am most proud of the hat (my first buckram hat making experience).   Can't wait to make some 18th century hats!!!! (squeals with excitement)  The gown was supposed to be a Mary Tudor type dress.  Very plain.  I wore an "Elizabethan" wig, which for some reason everyone thought was my real hair?  It does look pretty good for being so cheap....maybe people were just being nice lol.

Anywho the dress is black cotton velvet with gold damask facing on the collar.  The bodice is lined, but on the top only (not the sleeves...I did pretty much make this in two nights so I didn't get all technical hehe)  The underskirt is just my green cotton petticoat that is growing to be me my favorite due its neutrality with my growing wardrobe.

The Hat:

Its mostly hot glued together.  Though I did sew the fabric to the buckram.  When I do my next hat making venture I will sew all the pieces together.

My favorite show: The Turtle Races!!! It was cute.

So I have decided though that I will make something new for next year....and spend more than the night before making it lol....Something much cooler for sure!!!!   It got pretty hot in the afternoon and it was only like 80

But..........  Okay... so you know how I was going to use my green velvet for a redingote?  What do you think about this??? ::::

Layers of cotton ruffles for a collar and silk petticoats (could wear different color petticoats for different looks)  I would need to tighten up and shorten the sleeves. Plus a nice big hat!

That or I will just keep it as a Tudor gown and make it more fancy with pearls and jewels and brocade.  Vote on it in the comments section below: Keep It Tudor or Stitch Ahead!

New Eras!

Hello Friends, new and old!  Welcome to my new blog.  As I begin to dabble in other eras of costuming I decided to re-brand the name of the blog to something that can cover all periods of historic clothing.  While my first and strongest love of time is the 18th century, I am looking to stitch into other eras as well.  If this is your first time reading anything about me or have not read my older blog I have imported all my back posts for some history.  Let the new postings begin!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Duke of Hardgove's Outfit

Current project: His Grace's much needed outfit. Not sure on the trimming yet. It will probably be something with more white and gold. The waistcoat is actually a shimmery gold demask of some sort. The coat is maroon velvet. Will post progress over the next few days.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cord Riding Habit- Don't Laugh

Ok it's still a work in progress. Buttons will be added and top stitching needs to be done. It could really use a good ironing ;) Just wanted to share the progress...And my new shoes!!!