Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yes I have Started the Dress....

So many times I talk talk talk about what I'm going to make...I have been super busy with other "jobs" but I have squeaked in some sewing to start in this dress.... It won't be an exact replica but you get the idea. The overskirt is just pinned up in the back and I don't know exactly what types of ruffles and where I want trim. For the most part I draped everything with a little guidance from Janet Arnold. I might debut it an event I am contemplating in August...if hubby comes...and I might make him something to match...if he will wear it :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Victorian Eye Candy

Neo-Victorian Eye Candy
While I have a ton of 18th century ideas on my plate, and mind, non have really got me inspired to sew lately.  That and I have been uber busy with work. Lately my late night internet browsing has been filled with victorian/neo-victorian/steampunk fashion. Not usually my go to eye candy but I came across a few fashion illustrations and I have had this insane burst of costume creativity ever since. Observe the middle illustration with the red and white striped underskirt and blue polonaise. I have the skirt almost finished....I've had a red and white stripe fabric for a while and was going to do an 18th century English gown for Christmas but I couldn't help myself. The top will be a bit different...over all it will be a bit different but same color palette. Hoping to wear this to Antique Elegance in September and some other steampunk/victorian outings. It has me eyeing some of my other fabrics for other victorian wear...I do love the bustle look. Will try to post pictures of what I've done so far later this week if I get a chance.