Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Costuming and Practice

I have been on and off working on 2 gowns that I plan to make in silk in the future. I thought I would practice with the cotton and maybe have a couple of day dress type know for events that *one day* will take place? Speaking of....I would really like to join or start a reenacting group for 18th century Rococo events in Texas. Extensive web browsing has turned up not a whole lot of anything for my area. There is a Jane Austen Society of North Texas that I will look into but for Rococo/Georgian... zilch. I just need to start traveling! hehe! I'm imagining something like the SCA set in the 18th century. Anyone interested in joining my "Court" may simply send me a letter.

Back to the on going projects:
Exhibit A:
My first Robe a la Francaise... in Cotton...I sort of got carried away and did a stomacher and a bit of trimming. I will eventually clean it up *hem and add flounces* I also don't have this laced in the back of the dress which is making a big difference in the over all fit. Also needs more petticoats...I like a big full skirt! :) I do like the general decor of the boned stomacher but I want to make it more narrow. You can see how loose the over all fit is...ick. I will be making the "formal" Robe a la Francaise in a gold/butter silk so I will keep this stomacher and make a matching petticoat with the same red fabric. These colors would have been nice if I had a costumed Christmas event to attend. Oh and ixnay on the bows (they are the pins that are keeping it together right now)
The back pleating doesn't look so hot in the picture but its actually not too bad.

Exhibit B:
Robe a la polonaise with en fourreau pleated back
eh... its a work in progress. Will probably end up in a pretty stripey silk blend I have.
I kind of like this print with the blue petticoat :)

Also pictures to come of the Riding Habit that I HAVE to finish in the next two weeks!


Comtesse Olympe de la Tour D'Auvergne said...

It's interesting that you mention the 18th century SCA idea, as I have long thought the same thing. It does seem that in America there is a woeful lack of organizations for our time period, unless one wants to be a Colonial. It's a shame I am not anywhere close to Texas, or we could start something.

Duchess of Hardgrove said...

Well I say we start something! We can be neighboring "Counties/Duchies/or Kingdoms" will spread :) Thank you kindly for the comment :)

Jen Thompson said...

I wanna be in your court!!!! I would SO be into doing something like that. We need to have another sewing day sometime too - I really enjoyed the last one!

Your dresses look great too!

Duchess of Hardgrove said...

I have been thinking way too much about this post and how much fun the 18th century SCA group would be!!!! Definitely look for a post on mind is swirling with fun ideas!!! I'm thinking an event once a month or every other month...then hosting something bigger once a year for other "Duchies" near by who are interested...and making little travels to others for events. Fun! Fun! Tea parties, Balls, picnics, salons and much more!

Comtesse Olympe de la Tour D'Auvergne said...

I wonder how many other people might be interested in this idea. It sounds like lots of fun!

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