Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yes I have Started the Dress....

So many times I talk talk talk about what I'm going to make...I have been super busy with other "jobs" but I have squeaked in some sewing to start in this dress.... It won't be an exact replica but you get the idea. The overskirt is just pinned up in the back and I don't know exactly what types of ruffles and where I want trim. For the most part I draped everything with a little guidance from Janet Arnold. I might debut it an event I am contemplating in August...if hubby comes...and I might make him something to match...if he will wear it :)


Cynthia Griffith said...

Looks very nice so far!

I'm hoping to be able to push myself to get back to sewing soon. I bought some of my pattern stuff so I can work on a pet en l'air soon (hopefully). Now if I could just finish the current jacket and accessories.

I've just been in such a funk lately with a variety of things... plus my health. Ugh... I just want to sleep all the time :(

Keep sewing! Here's hoping we all get plenty of things made soon! And if not, there's always support groups to help us get through it, right? *laughs*

The Dreamstress said...

Oooh...I totally love that stripey fabric! And it is giving me incentive to pick up one of my unfinished projects!

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