Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ok...worked on the wig some more...it was a little lop sided because I originally used just a stuffed panty hose. This time I used the mesh wire.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Ok I have been busy busy. Getting ready to move (did I mention that I am a loony bin to move in July in Texas?). But I have had a few moments here and there to sew. I finished two more dresses. I will have to put pictures up soon :) I did not take pictures as I created, so excited to make them lol didn't stop for photos. I will have to have a fun photo shoot soon.

I just purchased some REED to make a nice set of paniers. I am making two different versions. Pocket hoops and then an oval set. I made a pair of pocket hoops with plastic boning but was not impressed with how they turned out.

I also have picked up some pretty great fabric lately........so stay tuned for LOTS more dresses. I'm on a crazy rampage right now!!!

Also, I have been painfully finishing the stays. Dear gracious is the binding ridiculous! SUPER PROPS to those who hand sew them completely. I will be making another set though :) The ones I made are from a Simplicity pattern slightly altered.

I really want to have a fun outdoor photoshoot but 105 degrees weather laughs in my face. *sighs*