Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Upcoming Project

Riding Habit

If time permits I would like to make a riding habit. The plan is to make a trip home and ride one of my Mother's horses. This will only be doable in the winter EARLY Spring in Texas. After March/April forget it. There is no way I'm riding around in a velvet jacket and corset in July!

More to come!

Not so Rococo 1860's Dress Project

I will need to complete this project in the next 2 weeks in preparation for an event Dec 5th. It will be an 1860s gown for a Christmas event in the Historical District. I just quickly went out and purchased a pattern and faux silk taffeta from Joann's. As usual I was saddened by the assortment of fabric (not sure if I will make it to the fabric warehouse this weekend). I was hoping for a red or green low luster taffeta of some sort but settled on a maroon and black plaid type. I haven't bought the trim yet. I'm not a big fan of fringe but will probably give in and get some on Saturday. I was hoping to make it a little more Christmasy in some way...hmmm...... I am additionally excited about this event because my sweet fiance said he would come in costume!!!! Unfortunately I don't think I will have time to make him something from scratch so I think I will make a stop at goodwill this week. I will probably alter a vest and coat to make it more period appropriate. Last things to look for: Possible corset on ebay and a top hat for my sweet. YAY!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

DFWCG 18th century picnic

Here at last! Though I'm getting over being sick this last week I wasn't about to miss the picnic. Its the first official 18th century event that I have been to. It was held at the Botanical Gardens, which were beautiful, and the event was lots of fun. Overall I was pleased with my outfit..Everyone looked stunning to say the least. I learned a nice country dance (though we had a music malfunction and had to cut the dancing short). It was a pleasant afternoon with beautiful weather and happy people. A+ day. Enjoy:::

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Picnic Caraco Progress

So the last two days I have been working from home...sick. I also haven't done much sewing which unfortunately isn't an excuse only being sick two days. The truth is I haven't picked up my picnic caraco for almost 2 weeks. This has presented a problem as the picnic is SATURDAY!!!! I still have shoes to decorate and a hat!!!! what to do!!!!... Here is the most recent progress. I have actually been HAND SEWING the trim!!! The hand sewing is not sew bad and actually quite relaxing :) So the next two nights I will be gradually finishing. In the true spirit of procrastination I will probably have to work on the shoes and hat Saturday morning (yay hot glue!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We went to a few costumed parties last night...I wore one of the first dresses that I ever made. I wore a petticoat that was a bit longer than the underskirt so it kept showing :( but that's okay :)