Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Downton Abbey

Episode 3....I'm hooked.

That is all.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Update New Dress: Neo-Victorian Royalty

                                               (excuse my ROYAL mess of a sewing room)

So I didn't like the blue fabric I was planning to use for the bustle on this....too thin and too shiny. I wore the skirt to a steampunk musical evening and decided to also wear it for a steampunk ball coming up the first weekend of October.... I will be going in Royal Regalia (as my steampunk character is Royalty ;)  hehe)

This month I am also planning to finish a military looking blue jacket (a darker royal blue...so still close to the original concept but I like the fabric better). It will be royal blue and gold (gold silk trim like the sash pictured above). I will enter the ball with it on and take it off as the evening goes on. I also want to wear the jacket, if I can finish it in time, to the Victorian Show on the Sept 17th...crossing my fingers on that one...I did finish the top of the dress and sash (which is partially hand stitched) this weekend..so maybe I'm on a roll... I have the jacket draped and lining cut so wish me luck.

Anywho the weather was in the 80s today!!! OMGOSH it was great!!!! so I didnt get much sewing done but I'm not kicking myself because its be 110+ over the last 3months (no lie)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys the short week!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yes I have Started the Dress....

So many times I talk talk talk about what I'm going to make...I have been super busy with other "jobs" but I have squeaked in some sewing to start in this dress.... It won't be an exact replica but you get the idea. The overskirt is just pinned up in the back and I don't know exactly what types of ruffles and where I want trim. For the most part I draped everything with a little guidance from Janet Arnold. I might debut it an event I am contemplating in August...if hubby comes...and I might make him something to match...if he will wear it :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Victorian Eye Candy

Neo-Victorian Eye Candy
While I have a ton of 18th century ideas on my plate, and mind, non have really got me inspired to sew lately.  That and I have been uber busy with work. Lately my late night internet browsing has been filled with victorian/neo-victorian/steampunk fashion. Not usually my go to eye candy but I came across a few fashion illustrations and I have had this insane burst of costume creativity ever since. Observe the middle illustration with the red and white striped underskirt and blue polonaise. I have the skirt almost finished....I've had a red and white stripe fabric for a while and was going to do an 18th century English gown for Christmas but I couldn't help myself. The top will be a bit different...over all it will be a bit different but same color palette. Hoping to wear this to Antique Elegance in September and some other steampunk/victorian outings. It has me eyeing some of my other fabrics for other victorian wear...I do love the bustle look. Will try to post pictures of what I've done so far later this week if I get a chance.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Beautiful Blog.....

I had to share a blog I came across today. I <3 it. Mia is a very talented photographer and has me hooked on being a homemaker!!!! Ok I can't be a complete homemaker but she sure does make me want to try lol.  I have never been a good cook and definitely don't have an edge in the house cleaning....but her blog reminds me of growing up with a garden and what it might be like living a sort - of - 18th century life. She shares so much through photography it will warm your soul! Take a peek: http://aspiring-homemaker.blogspot.com/

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wine and Whist with La Bonne Compagnie

Last night I had a few 18th century friends over for our first "official" gathering in costume.  Only a few could attend but we  had a nice evening with yummy treats and wine.  We also learned the game of whist which I'm sure we will play often at future events.  Here are a few pics from the night.


Monday, April 25, 2011

The way it should have been....

So I know I should be working on those two previous posts dresses but I am hosting a wine and whist event in a few weeks and wanted to have something quick to wear...I thought it would be an easier feat to just alter, or improve, one of my already made dresses. I have been working on my picnic gown from November's DFWCG Georgian picnic.  This is how I had envisioned...loving this dress and can't wait for it to be finished. I'm going back over any visible seams and hand sewing :) I have to finish the sash and lace around the collar along with the cuffs (and of course hemming the underskirt)


Previous Dress:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

18th Century Shoes from American Duchess!!!

I'm crazy excited to share the news!  American Duchess has just posted her new 18th century footwear campaign and they are drool worthy to say the least! 

Pre-orders start on April 1st (I fool you not!)
She must pre-sell 100 pairs to place the first order...I'm sure most of you follow American Duchess so you probably already know but be sure to reblog for all of your costume crazy friends! :)  (if you don't follow her blog...it's a fun one with regular posts)  http://www.americanduchess.blogspot.com/ 

pre-order here: http://www.american-duchess.com/

You might look at the above picture and say...buh I want different colors!!! Have no fear! The Duchess has you covered as these elegant ladies are color customizable when you order!

Thank you American Duchess!  See you on the 1st!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Researching the Past for Future Sewings and Such

So I have been giving more and more thought on researching to go along with sewing.  While my sewing time has somewhat been diminished I want to give more time to researching and recording while I sew (when I can).  I don't know if this will actually happen and it might be just me rambling.  I usually spend quite a bit of time reading 18th century information on my own and thought I would put it to better use.  I wandered across the above painting a few times over the last two years and have always love it.  I came across it again today AND this from Burnley and Trowbridge:
which of course makes me want to make it even more.  I think I will do a little research on the Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna of Russia, 1783-1801 and the dress.

I also wanted to delve more into researching women in 18th century society including social customs, education, etc...for both American women and European women.  I will probably narrow it down to a specific topic once I pick which books I plan to read.  Hope to keep you posted.

As you can see I am trying real hard to get back to the blogging :)

P.S. I finally subscribed this week to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and Foundations Revealed which I'm super excited about and kind it of course got me pumped on the research thing.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

18th Century Catch Up Time!

Ok I have been UBER busy over the last few months.  My goal the next few months is mucho more costuming.  See the fabulous dress above.  I want.  I want, I want, I want.  I will try to make.  I have a billion other dresses on my agenda but I think I have to make this first.  I have some plain light blue taffeta that I plan to use.  I am also still working on doing as much by hand as possible.  I almost tossed my machine all together the other day but stopped myself.  I need it for other household projects and "just in case."  I did inherit a treadle machine that could quickly be in working condition and I would love to use that instead.  I will post more on that later.

I also have been working on my white corded riding habit which is very close to being done.  Though it, again, is on hold as it won't be used probably for a long time due to the weather quickly warming to high 80s the last few days :(  ...I lengthened the sleeves and changed the fur collar, cuffs and pockets.  Instead of fur they will be green velvet and there will be green velvet self covered buttons for front closure.  Have you seen the BBC Tom Jones?  Sofia wears a VERY similar riding habit when Tom breaks his arm.... btw I am also making this same habit in a full green velvet jacket with a green wool skirt.  The green velvet jacket has been cut but again... it is shelfed :(

Remember the Pink Picnic Caraco?  That's back also.... The pink is changing to a purple/pink taffeta and I remade the skirt to match the top.  Hoping I have enough of the taffeta for a skirt trim.

Then there is some new silk that I picked up....an english gown? circa 1780s? I think so :)
The embroidered fabric will be the gown...solid cream silk petticoat...burgandy silk sash with rhinestone buckle? Yes. I do think so :)
Oh and all my other fabric just waiting for a some prettiness....time?  where are you?

I also had a few people from my 18th century group over for tea last Saturday morning.  We discussed future events and fun stuff that we will be doing...Which means fun photo ops for you :) 

I leave you with my dress from All-Con I wore for a few hrs on Sunday...the theme was steampunk and you might recognize the dress...it used to be more of a hoop skirt when I started it...it turned into a bustle :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Such a Long Time.....Picnic Pretties for you!

I know...its been awhile.  I have been super busy...but I have a head full of fabulous ideas that will come this year.  I hope everyone enjoyed there holidays.  Here are pictures from the Georgian Picnic that happened on Nov 13.  I have also completed a Victorian pretty that I will share later :) ..oh and I hated my sash...on the look out for a nick pink silk...anyone want to donate??? lol

 Mine were taken by Jen Thompson :)