Saturday, June 5, 2010

Edwardian Hat Making

My attempts at an Edwardian hat:

Ok so this was a quickie hat for the suffragette picnic last weekend

1.  Plain hat found at good will.  It's sort of a flexible plastic feel...not real straw or anything

2.  I only had some thin wire so I used three pieces the length of the circumference of the brim

3.  I twisted these three wires and then pinned them to the edge of the brim.  The hat actually had a standing edge around the brim so I folded the wire into that.

4.  I used the zipper foot for my machine to sew the wire into the fold....being very careful not to hit the wire!! (which I did a few times)

5.  Using some scrap black satin I cut two pieces the size and shape of the hat (for the top and under part of the brim)

6.  I cut a hole in the center of both pieces and made tabs to better fit the satin around the top and inside of hat.  I also sewed the black satin pieces to the hat along the edge of the brim (folding the top piece under and the tucking it in the satin piece underneath) *the stitch was on the inner edge of the wire*

7.  I then cut a circle piece of the same black satin fabric a few inches larger that the crown of the hat *which was pretty shallow*  I put a gather stitch along the edge of this circle and pinned it to the crown

8.  Using my zipper foot again I sewed the black satin crown piece to the hat

9.  I used a piece of white satin and sewed a simple strip of fabric the size of the circumference of the crown (with seam allowance)

10.  Uh...that's hot glue my friends.....attaching the white fabric and lace to the hat

11.  My own personal opinion it looked a little too much like a pimp hat....sooo.....

12.  I picked up a white feather boa and safety pinned it for the final wear!


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