Monday, September 5, 2011

Update New Dress: Neo-Victorian Royalty

                                               (excuse my ROYAL mess of a sewing room)

So I didn't like the blue fabric I was planning to use for the bustle on this....too thin and too shiny. I wore the skirt to a steampunk musical evening and decided to also wear it for a steampunk ball coming up the first weekend of October.... I will be going in Royal Regalia (as my steampunk character is Royalty ;)  hehe)

This month I am also planning to finish a military looking blue jacket (a darker royal still close to the original concept but I like the fabric better). It will be royal blue and gold (gold silk trim like the sash pictured above). I will enter the ball with it on and take it off as the evening goes on. I also want to wear the jacket, if I can finish it in time, to the Victorian Show on the Sept 17th...crossing my fingers on that one...I did finish the top of the dress and sash (which is partially hand stitched) this maybe I'm on a roll... I have the jacket draped and lining cut so wish me luck.

Anywho the weather was in the 80s today!!! OMGOSH it was great!!!! so I didnt get much sewing done but I'm not kicking myself because its be 110+ over the last 3months (no lie)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys the short week!


Jen Thompson said...

I love it! I hope that I'll get to see it in the flesh soon! :)

Time Traveling in Costume said...

Its very pretty and eye catching. I've done that a few times, start with a fashion print I want to copy, and then I change it up. So I have an original.

FashionK said...

Thanks Ladies!! @Jen going to wear part of it at least to AE....can you make it to the ball on Oct 1st?

The Dreamstress said...

Super cute! What a great mix of fabrics! Can't wait to see pics on you!

Sandra Brake said...

Loving that sash. I do like tassles and medals!

Gina said...

Ok! I love this dress! The colors are so fabulous and fun!!

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