Sunday, March 20, 2011

18th Century Catch Up Time!

Ok I have been UBER busy over the last few months.  My goal the next few months is mucho more costuming.  See the fabulous dress above.  I want.  I want, I want, I want.  I will try to make.  I have a billion other dresses on my agenda but I think I have to make this first.  I have some plain light blue taffeta that I plan to use.  I am also still working on doing as much by hand as possible.  I almost tossed my machine all together the other day but stopped myself.  I need it for other household projects and "just in case."  I did inherit a treadle machine that could quickly be in working condition and I would love to use that instead.  I will post more on that later.

I also have been working on my white corded riding habit which is very close to being done.  Though it, again, is on hold as it won't be used probably for a long time due to the weather quickly warming to high 80s the last few days :(  ...I lengthened the sleeves and changed the fur collar, cuffs and pockets.  Instead of fur they will be green velvet and there will be green velvet self covered buttons for front closure.  Have you seen the BBC Tom Jones?  Sofia wears a VERY similar riding habit when Tom breaks his arm.... btw I am also making this same habit in a full green velvet jacket with a green wool skirt.  The green velvet jacket has been cut but again... it is shelfed :(

Remember the Pink Picnic Caraco?  That's back also.... The pink is changing to a purple/pink taffeta and I remade the skirt to match the top.  Hoping I have enough of the taffeta for a skirt trim.

Then there is some new silk that I picked english gown? circa 1780s? I think so :)
The embroidered fabric will be the gown...solid cream silk petticoat...burgandy silk sash with rhinestone buckle? Yes. I do think so :)
Oh and all my other fabric just waiting for a some prettiness....time?  where are you?

I also had a few people from my 18th century group over for tea last Saturday morning.  We discussed future events and fun stuff that we will be doing...Which means fun photo ops for you :) 

I leave you with my dress from All-Con I wore for a few hrs on Sunday...the theme was steampunk and you might recognize the used to be more of a hoop skirt when I started turned into a bustle :)


An Historical Lady said...

Just had to comment when I saw you mentioned the BBC 'Tom Jones' series! We have it, and actually just re-watched it for the 4th time last week! It is the BEST, and all the clothing dead-on, and gorgeous! I of course know the riding habit, and am sure you will be lovely in yours!
(Wish my name was Sofia, with a long i)!!
I am an 18thc. reenactor. My husband and I watch and love every period, costume film we can get our hands on. I have some rather fabulous 18thc. ensembles myself!

Lauren said...

Beautiful clothing, all in one post! I can't wait to see you do the blue Anglaise from KCI. That is such a cool dress!

Katy Rose said...

The Blue anglaise is one of my favorites too...I used the bottom of the front of the bodice for inspiration in my Zone gown. I can't wait to see the finished project.

FashionK said...

@an historical lady: LOVE THAT MOVIE! One day I will finish the habit and jump on one of my mom's horses to show it off hehe! Love your blog also! I've read over it a few times :)

@Lauren: here's hoping the KCI dress comes out ok lol or at all!!! where is all my time??

@Katy Rose: I'm excited to make it...I saw your anglaise when you posted it last month... love it!<< haha I think that was the comment I made on it also :)

Cynthia Griffith said...

Hey Lady! I just had to reply -- I have a Blogger account now so I can reply to all of you here more easily (it's a placeholder for my actual blog). I wanted to make sure it was working smoothly, and also to say I can't wait to see the riding habit. Christopher keeps excitedly asking me about when I'll make mine. I guess it'll be fairly soon (or at least in time for autumn). :D

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