Monday, March 28, 2011

Researching the Past for Future Sewings and Such

So I have been giving more and more thought on researching to go along with sewing.  While my sewing time has somewhat been diminished I want to give more time to researching and recording while I sew (when I can).  I don't know if this will actually happen and it might be just me rambling.  I usually spend quite a bit of time reading 18th century information on my own and thought I would put it to better use.  I wandered across the above painting a few times over the last two years and have always love it.  I came across it again today AND this from Burnley and Trowbridge:
which of course makes me want to make it even more.  I think I will do a little research on the Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna of Russia, 1783-1801 and the dress.

I also wanted to delve more into researching women in 18th century society including social customs, education, etc...for both American women and European women.  I will probably narrow it down to a specific topic once I pick which books I plan to read.  Hope to keep you posted.

As you can see I am trying real hard to get back to the blogging :)

P.S. I finally subscribed this week to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and Foundations Revealed which I'm super excited about and kind it of course got me pumped on the research thing.


Lauren R said...

Yes please!! Beautiful portrait and beautiful fabric. I can't wait to watch this come to life!

Cynthia Griffith said...

Good luck with all of your researching -- I know you'll have fun with it :) And that is a beautiful portrait and fabric. Looking forward to seeing you make it!

FashionK said...

@Lauren...I'm excited! Though the first few stages will be research while I work on a few other projects :) maybe I will finish in time for my new shoes :)

@Cynthia I will share more at our next gathering :)

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