Tuesday, March 29, 2011

18th Century Shoes from American Duchess!!!

I'm crazy excited to share the news!  American Duchess has just posted her new 18th century footwear campaign and they are drool worthy to say the least! 

Pre-orders start on April 1st (I fool you not!)
She must pre-sell 100 pairs to place the first order...I'm sure most of you follow American Duchess so you probably already know but be sure to reblog for all of your costume crazy friends! :)  (if you don't follow her blog...it's a fun one with regular posts)  http://www.americanduchess.blogspot.com/ 

pre-order here: http://www.american-duchess.com/

You might look at the above picture and say...buh I want different colors!!! Have no fear! The Duchess has you covered as these elegant ladies are color customizable when you order!

Thank you American Duchess!  See you on the 1st!


Lauren R said...

Thank you!

FashionK said...

no thank you! :)

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